Bia Miranda Video Vazou – Bia Miranda twitter Video

Bia Miranda Video Vazou – Bia Miranda twitter Video

After uploading the video with her fans, the A Fazenda 14 runner-up gave internet users something to speak about.

Since Bia Miranda finished second in A Fazenda 14 and lost the million-dollar prize to Bárbara Borges, she has continued to be the subject of conversation.

Along with gaining millions of followers, Gretchen’s granddaughter also ended up attracting some detractors after leaving the rural reality show.

Biography of Bia Miranda
The daughter of model Jenny Miranda, who was adopted by Gretchen at the age of 17 owing to her strained connection with her real mother, is digital influencer Bia Miranda.

The girl once had a relationship with Thammy Miranda, who is the biological child of the queen of rebolado. As a result of the breakup, she grew fonder of her mother-in-law, who she referred to as her “mother at heart.”

Due to her victory in the Paiol TikTok poll, the young woman was admitted to the program. She is 18 years old and Gretchen’s cream. Bia Miranda said during Paoil that she had worked as a mechanic.

Information from Bia Miranda

18 years old
Date of birth: April 19, 2004
Brazilian \sSign Zodiac
name in full Bia Miranda
Height 5.6″
Rio de Janeiro is the hometown; RJ
Instagram: biamiranda. Official release date: January 15, 2023
Miranda Bia Vazou Video
The renowned ended up dividing opinions among Internet users this morning, Wednesday (4), by sharing a series of films on their accounts.

The former prisoner can be seen in the pictures drinking and then, a short while later, operating a motorcycle without a helmet.

Many internet users decided to explode the well-known woman on social media for breaking the law by riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

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